No More.

Tortured by the clock of life destined happenings.Stuck in a place of overworked and undervalued. I have silenced myself. No longer able to expose the truth living inside. No longer able to voice my worries, critical views, and slanted perspective. My reality has been muted by my lack of desire to comment on the same ole same ole, bullshit. Over and over, I took to my pen and stopped. I couldn’t bear to see my thoughts live. No more.

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Some part of happiness includes being content.

Being comfortable with the present enough to be happy with it.

Being okay with today, knowing tomorrow is coming soon

enough as an opportunity to improve,

try again, and work hard on obtaining what your heart desires.

I think the word content scares you.

It makes you feel like you are settling.

As if it says,

you must stop wishing for better,

knowing you can have better,

and desiring better to be now.

Content is not complacent.

Contentment allows room for patience.

Patience allows room for growth.

Growth allows room for evolution.

Evolution allows room for love.

Love allows room for true happiness.

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I owe truth that much

Armed. Silencer in hand. Ready to explode all the thoughts I have been holding inside for far too long. BOOM! Ready to kill negative limits,doubt, and tell you the fucking truth. I owe truth that much! BOOM! Screams echo the corners of my mind, as cells die. Words decay. Individuals fall,ducking from the truth. A drive by shooting. Spraying venomous words that burn like acid against the skin, hitting denial and ignorance. Everyone’s dying. I’m armed. I’ve been silent for too long. It’s time to spray.

Images collide with blood splatter across the floor. Truth shoots right out of me. Spiraling, covering 750 feet per second. Before blinks,my truth hits their spirits. Before smiles, my truth hits their heart. Before death, my truth touches their minds. I’ve been silenced and gave life to the voices inside. The should’a, could’a is now.

I owe truth that much.

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Book Review: Hollywood Forever by @Herzwords

… without the Internet?

… without Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter?

Or what would you do if your dream life were just a “Yes!” away?

Continue reading

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Review of Pronouns

I released my first book of poetry, Pronouns, in 2011. So it’s always great to see how it’s touching others. Below is one of the latest reviews on Amazon:

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13 Goals in 2013

Do you have goals in mind for this year? Put them out into the universe and allow someone to hold you accountable!

13 Goals in 2013 due by January 13th

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Confessions of 2012

THANK YOU! My end of the year project, Confessions, started out as just a thought. I developed a plan to carry out my vision and put it into action. My goal was to collect 50 confessions(in under a month) to be used in a poem for my next book, I came out with 49 (Correction: 51 Confessions I received two outside of my survey.). Though shy of my goal, 51 different people had a chance to release a thought or secret into the universe. For those who participated, I hope this opportunity is a stepping stone for letting go of feeling guilt,alone, or misunderstood. Many of the confessions I received were extremely personal, so I thank you for sharing your inner thoughts with me.

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My 2012 Recap

I started my business Literacy Lives, Celebrated Another Born Day, Celebrated Another Born Day with Him, Dropped Another Book of Poetry, Helped so many People w Literacy Lives, Volunteered at least Once a Month with FTP, Joined a Gym for the first time EVER!, Laughed More, Did the Cooking Business for a Lil Bit, Quit a Job, Landed a New One, Straight A’s all year in Graduate School, Loss my first 5 pounds in I won’t tell you how many years, Missed a few friends, Prayed for Forgiveness a bunch of times, LOVED, Helped, Saved, Passed my GACE Math Exam for Teaching, Celebrated with Holidays in NY and GA with Family, been hitting the gym just about every week since August- the longest I’ve ever accomplished! Told the truth to a bunch of people who needed to hear it! Studied A LOT!

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